◎ Photograph puffins (COMPLETED)

◎ Live in Tokyo

◎ See the northern lights

◎ Bath in the blue lagoon in Iceland

◎ Visit the penguins in Antarctica

◎ Roadtripping through Canada

◎ Learn to surf in Hawaii

◎ Live in Shanghai (COMPLETED)

◎ Eat sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo

◎ Run the New York Marathon

◎ photograph Bolivia's salt flats

Bike around Lofoten, Norway (COMPLETED)

◎ Sleep in an Iglo

◎ See the Champagne Pool in New Zealand

◎ Discover Mongolia

◎ Smoke a cigar in Cuba

◎ Fly in an helicopter

◎ Visit the Bamboo forest in Japan

◎ Float in the pink Lake Retba, Senegal

◎ Wake up to the smell of lavender in the Provence Region

◎ See the Moon Mountains in China (COMPLETED)

◎ Stay with berber family in Morocco (COMPLETED)

◎ Experience Roskilde Festival

◎ Party in Vegas

◎ Climb Kilimanjaro

◎ Cruise through the ice mountains of Greenland

◎ Go on a safari in Africa

◎ Meet artsy people in Tel Aviv

◎ Open up my own co-working space

◎ Stay in a beautiful Riad in Marrakech (like this private one)

◎ Learn fluent spanish (trying, trying trying...)