The Pension Kildegaard Experience

Pension Kildegaard has a very long tradition of being the Copenhagener’s getaway spot and has laid ground for some of the best summer memories since 1904. When my boyfriend suggested Kildegaarden as a possible destination for our upcoming summer holidays, I was hesitant at first. Honestlty, all I had on my mind was wanting to escape the city and Denmark and chase the sun. I felt like gambling and putting all cards on having the same amazing summer weather as in 2018, which seemed like a risk to take. Let’s face it, that summer was beyond incredible.

However, after looking more into what Kildegaarden had to offer, I was intrigued. This place is one of the remaining pensions in Tisvildeleje, and a very special one of its kind. It is nearly impossible to get a room, especially in the high season, and now I understand why.

But we got lucky, otherwise this photo story wouldn’t exist.

We got a room and our summer vacation destination was set to be Denmark!


Kildegaarden is family-owned pension-styled hotel, which makes it an absolut authentic and personal experience. The older kids work as waiters, the owners stand in the reception and in the kitchen. The guests coming there have been coming there for years and are very loyal, almost like they have become part of the family. As newbies, we were already on our first evening approached and asked who we were and why we chose to come here by one of the other guests. It turned out the person asking was a close friend of the family, and therefore naturally interested in our reasonings for joining


Kildegaarden exists of several buildings (I counted 3) and all I can say is that it is beyond charming. Everything has been carefully taken care of and you can see the love of details in in the decor, from the colors and wallpapers in the rooms to the old “mormor”-styled furniture and antique lamps and paintings - everything has been chosen with the will to keep the original spirit of the place alive. Guests make use of the common areas such as the garden, the balconies and the “living” room, where you at all times will see someone either knitting, reading the newspaper or a book or playing boardgames. One evening we even came home to community-singing.


Every morning, we started the day with a heartful breakfast in the beautiful ballroom with the big windows and the neat tiled floor, while the beam of sunlight came through the windows and fell just a certain way each and every morning. After that we would go out explore the area and walk through the woods, over the fields and along the beach getting our daily dosis of exercise before stopping at our favorite local coffee shop for a treat before lunch time.


Tisvildeleje is an incredible cozy old fisher-town, no wonder that this has been the preferred holiday destination for so long. We came just one week before the actual main holiday season, which is why we got see the town in a more quiet manner while we could feel the buzzling arise up until the weekend, when everything just exploded with people from Copenhagen and around.

Besides having dinner at Kildegaarden, we also tried out seasonal and regional food at Tisvilde Kro, which was beyond amazing. Furthermore, we enjoyed what has been the most expensive lunch in our lifes so far at Helenekilde. It was very worth every dime and I guess you also pay for that incredible view.

Last but not least, our daily coffee-pusher came to a small new coffeeshop connected to an interior shop. Unfortunately, I forgot the name.


In the end, this vacation turned out to be one of the best so far. It had every component of what I feel makes life liveable: A homey, charming place surrounded by nice and passionate people, beautiful sunsets, rough nature, time to calm down, good talks over great food & wine.