GL Strand: Vogue Like A Painting


A couple of week's ago, on a cloudy sunday - surprisingly in the string of the many beautiful summer days - I took my friends to see Gl Strand, which houses inside a charming, authentic Copenhagener building.

Inside, on 3 floors of classical exhibition space, Gl Strand takes you on an impressive tour through the archives of Vogue's most prominent fashion photographs by leading the worlds leading photographers.

After delving around enjoying the art and the atmosphere and to end the experience with proper manners, one should not miss out on sipping a cool glass of white wine in the courtyard. 



fun fact: The carpets have been specially designed for this very exhibition, and they are quite something. Check out the exhibition until the 2nd of September. 

Breakfast-Goals: Hyggestund


The other day was the second time I came to visit and enjoy breakfast at Hyggestund, Mikkeller's contribution to the hygge-hype around the morning meal. Except they serve breakfast all all day.

The menu is anything but boring. I would though recommend not to be on a diet, as you will find a lot of heavy, delicious food laughing at your face. We tried to diversify our picks and chose the waffle breakfast, which also includes eggs and bacon, the chia porridge with fruit (I guess we needed that for our consciousness) and 2 kind of donuts, which were so special I can honestly not tell you what was in it, one of them had something to do with beer. The winner was the pancake with sirup - an american classic! What you will not find on the menu, are lots of fancy coffee lattes. They serve filter coffee - period -  for 40 kr, which first made me choke, but then I learned it includes free refill, and since I can drink 3-4 cups I guess the price is legitimate. :) 

Hyggestund is located in one these charming Vesterbro building you would die to live in, and on good days you can also sit outside on beer benches. But on cold cloudy days Hyggestund invites you to sit inside in a cosy, yet simple atmosphere with a clear color fable, which also makes it a treat if you are into "instagrammable" places. 


    3 reasons to go to Hyggestund:

    1. If you are not on a diet ;)
    2. In fact if you are having a complete hangover and just need some greasy fried chicken and donuts to get over it again, this is the perfect spot
    3. If you love a cosy atmosphere, want to experience "hygge" and just want to hang out with friends all day eating breakfast (refill on filter coffee all day)


    Rooftops: Sant Francesc Hotel Singular

    When in Palma do not miss out on finding a rooftop overlooking the city, it is simply magical. Searching the internet, I stumbled across the Sant Francesc Hotel Singular, which supposedly should have one of the best rooftop terraces in Palma. Since I have only experienced this one, I cannot say if it is THE best, but what I can say is, that on this very rooftop terrace, I had one of the best nights in Palma. It was the perfect cocktail of delicious drinks in a stylish atmosphere, an amazing view over Sant Francesc Basilica, great company, amazing light and smooth music surrounding us. It was one of those nights that I wished would last forever. 


    The rooftop terrace is perched above a luxury hotel situated inside a former Mallorcan mansion from 1860s in probably the best downtown location in Palma. Walking in feels very prestigious, and you almost get the sense of trespassing. However, unless you are wearing beach sandals just continue to the elevator which will take you to the top floor. You will instantly be met by a breathtaking view over the historical part of Palma, a true Terracotta heaven covered in natural glow. 

    If you are hungry, you can order some sushi from the restaurant, but simply sipping a drink will do it, too. Prices are, as you can imagine, on the higher end. 


    ARKEN - Museum for Modern Art


    Since my entire family went on a ski vacation over Easter, I had to come up with my own plans for the holidays. Luckily, I still have plenty of things on my Copenhagen bucket list, so it was basically closing my eyes and pointing the finger at the list. However, there were a few things that were extremely high on the wish list: visiting museums! So therefore my Easter became all about experiencing the cultural aspects of Copenhagen. On friday, I finally got to take a trip Arken the Museum for Modern Art, which has also been high on my "creativity list". The weather was beyond amazing, clear sky, only a slight breeze and for the first time it was possible to feel Spring in the air. Perfect day!


    Arken is located in Ishøj and very easy accessible by public transport. From Ishøj station it is roughly a 15 minutes walk to the museum guided by signs. You can also take the bus (if you are lazy or well if it rains). Furthermore, Arken is located by the sea, so when you are done being cultural, you can also go for a nice walk by the beach.


    Besides hosting some really interesting exhibitions, Arken is a true dream for every photographer. I actually enjoyed photographing the space and the surroundings the most, even though I must say that I was very fond of Ugo Rondinone’s dreamscape of 45 lifelike clowns, portraying a single person's day in 45 acts. I don't know there was just something about the play with melancholy, and how he though of capturing how we, humans, actually put on this clown-like role. We are suppose to act happy and cheerful all the time, but then again there will always be those stages of silent moments in between the acts where we need to "rest" and just "be" before putting on the next show. 

    be. breathe. sleep. dream. wake. rise. sit. hear. look. think. stand. walk. pee. shower. dress. drink. fart. shit. read. laugh. cook. smell. taste. eat. clean. write. daydream. remember. cry. nap. touch. feel. moan. .jpg

    The other exhibition that really caught my interest was Alphonse Mucha’s sensuous and seductive images of plants, women and ornaments, which amongst others were used as posters and in advertisement, while making a huge impression on on the city of Paris around 1900. His style is highly recognizable, his mission somehow very noble:

    ...the power of beauty should be spread out into every corner of the city, every cell of every human being. A kind of beauty therapy for city dwellers. - ARKEN

    I got myself a little postcard souvenir, which I framed already, As soon as I have found a good spot in my home, I will show it to you. ;)


    After visiting the exhibitions and almost running out of battery on our cameras, we went for quick detour to the beach, before settling down and enjoying the afternoon sun with a glass of wine at the closely located café Ka'nalu.


    You can read more about Arken and the current exhibitions here, and I hope the pictures triggered a desire to visit this very beautiful art museum. For me, I can only say that it was pleasure and one of my best day trips around Copenhagen so far. 

    Pictures were taken with Canon 760D + 24mm lens by me & with Fuji x-t20 by Toke

    Breakfast-Goals: Frede & Vester's


    The first place in Copenhagen I moved into was a shared apartment located at the end of Vesterbrogade, right before Frederiksberg Have. I loved this place for various reasons, especially because it gave my life in Copenhagen a specific turn. However, another reason was the convenient area right between hip Vesterbro and the rather posh Frederiksberg. At some point, Frede & Vester's moved into a little venue across the street, and I quickly started a routine of getting coffee and a "bolle med ost" (a bun with cheese) on-the-go on my way to university. While this is now more than 3 years ago and I have moved away in the meantime, I still sometimes wondered if the little coffee place still existed. It turned out it does, and even better they opened up a new place more centered in Frederiksberg. So today, I went by to check it out, and the best word that comes to my mind is Instagram-Heaven.

    those beautiful colors soak you in....jpg

    Frede & Vester's has a very classic breakfast and lunch menu. The serve vegan buns (I guess that counts as classic by now), omelets, (very delicious) croissants, sandwiches, juices, cakes and coffees. I actually have this thing that I love a hard boiled egg for breakfast, yet it is surprising how many cafés screw that up, even though they say it is not a problem. Well, Frede & Vester's passed the test. :)  

    It was quiet empty for a sunday, which of course was great for me, because I could walk around taking pictures of every corner. The whole café has been decorated by Studio K, who is also the master-creator behind Mikkeller & Friends on Stefansgade, and the results can definitely be seen. It is like a color explosion from floor to ceiling, while decorated with so much love for detail and many cosy elements (such as plants, cushions, candles,...), which makes for a warm atmosphere.

    those beautiful colors soak you in... (2).jpg

    Frede & Vester's is a must if you need to kickstart a grey day or simply need a boost of colorful, but also highly contrast-noise ratio on a sunday morning. I am surprised that this very photogenic place, which also serves some of the best buns I have tasted so far, is not all over Instagram, yet. 


    Smallegade 22, 2000 Frederiksberg


    5 Reason why you should attend Berlin Travel Festival

    PARC GüELL (1).jpg

    It is not a secret that I love traveling. But unless, I have done a collaboration with a destination, all my travels have been purely for pleasure. Nevertheless, in the process of taking my travel blog even more serious, attending travel conferences became a must. It is a way to get under the skin of the industry, learn from experts and find potential partners. So, in the beginning of the year I did some deeper research on which events I want to focus on, and in that attempt stumbled across Berlin Travel Festival, which was to be held for the first time in March. The 3 day-long festival combining talks/workshops, exhibitors from different part of the world and a trend lab for professionals, got me instantly curious. Before I knew it I had booked the plane ticket and approached the festival organization for more information. 

    When I told my friends and family about the trip to Berlin, they pretty much all ask the same questions. What the heck is a travel festival? Why would you want to go to such an event?


    Berlin Travel Festival is a combination of talks, musical performances, food tastings, workshops and an experience area divided into different travel themes, such as Culture Journeys, Weekenders, Outdoor Escapes and Ocean Life. The festival speaks to a niche type of travel consumers, namely the new generation of travel enthusiasts, explorers, globetrotters, nomads and creative people with a broad mindset, who not just travel because they need a break from their day job, but rather because of an intrinsic motivation, curiosity, a challenge and maybe an escape from social structures. This is also the mindset of the participating brands, who all innovative and visionary in their own way, aiming to find creative solutions that speak to the demands of this new type of travel consumer. Berlin Travel Festival provides an "offline platform in the new online world" where both parties can meet, network, discuss, explore and learn from each other. 

    So, you can see this type of event is of particular interest for a person like me, a self proclaimed travel blogger. :D BUT there is a reason why this was a called a festival and not a trade show, because it does cater to anyone curious about traveling.





    The consumer landscape of travel is rapidly changing. We travel to see, explore, understand and experience the world outside our homes, and even though we travel more, we have also become more selective when it comes to what kind brands/destination we chose to still this hunger for adventure, escape, cultural encounters and so on. But how do the brands and destination actually adapt to this constant change? How do they segment their consumers, and what do they do to understand what drives travelers today? How have they adapted and developed themselves? How do they embrace this challenge of an ever-changing landscape and what types of solutions do they create to meet the ever growing expectations of todays traveler? This is the sort of glimpse behind the scene you get, when visiting Berlin Travel Festival. Personally, coming from a tourism-focused study, I find this area utterly interesting, and I am sure, that it is of interest to you, even without a major in tourism or a travel related professional background. 


    Hand on heart - how much do you know about Vanlife, location independent lifestyle, slow travel, cannabis tourism, mindfulness retreats, curated art tours? The experience area consisted of 4 different travel themes: Culture Journeys, Weekenders, Outdoor Escapes and Ocean Life. Have a look at the exhibition area here to see which destinations, brands, hotels were represented in each area. For my sake, I feel in love with the concept of Where About Now, a specialized travel provider for contemporary art trips, accompanied by an online journal. This trip to Israel has been added to my bucket list. 


    Personally, I think it is great to attend event solely for the purpose of networking. You simply never know who you end of talking to and what opportunities may arise from such an encounter. While talking to the co-founder of EyeEm, another "visitor" joined our conversation and we ended up having a long discussion about Instagram. It turned out that he was in the travel industry himself and started his own business of small neighborhood focused walking travel guides. We continued the chat over a cup of coffee, and got a peak behind his business model and his future plans. Hopefully, this can turn into a collaboration in the near future.


    One of the big topics within the travel sphere is sustainable traveling. We all like to think of ourselves as conscious aware, taking care of the planet, making smart choices. But how much do we actually know? There were quiet a few talks centered around sustainability. For instance, Pepi de Boissieu spoke about the heritage of 5 superfoods in her talk  "forbidden food", Nicolai Duda informed about the affect of human behavior at the beach on the maritime wildlife and presented his campaignwork "Sea Shepherd"  and Milena Glimbovski showed how sustainable travel starts with packing "right". It does not hurt to start reflecting about your own travel behavior, and events like this can be some sort of eye opener. 


    Do you know how to build a skateboard? Do you know how to create a travel journal? Do you know how to cook an entire meal on camping equipment? These are just a few examples of the things you were able to try during the festival. I, myself, attended the "Hand im Glück" travel journal DYI workshop and became totally convinced that I should spend more time at home working on travel journals. Actually, I have one old scrapbook from a Hawaii trip I did in 2006, and I love opening this cheesy book to remind myself of some carefree days on the other side of the globe. Especially, in our digitalized world a physical travel journal gives you value on a new sentimental way.   

                                         LET'S GET LOST

                                        LET'S GET LOST



                                                                                                                                        HOW COOL ARE THESE LOTUS TENTS?

                                                                                                                                      HOW COOL ARE THESE LOTUS TENTS?



                                                                                                                                           QUICK BREAK AND FOOD BY  THE EGG KNEIPE

                                                                                                                                          QUICK BREAK AND FOOD BY THE EGG KNEIPE



    So, what do you think? Would you want to visit Berlin Travel Festival next time, and get inspired for your next trip, or maybe a new way of traveling?

    La Molienda - Best coffee in town?

    As always, my mission has been to find the best coffee place. With the café con leche - mentality Palma De Mallorca is definitely not lacking on coffee spots. One of my favorites became the rather "off-the-beaten-track" café La Molienda. Located not far from the city center, you still have to walk down some unknown streets to get there. Once you are here, you can't help it but settle down with a coffee and a news paper. 

    La Molienda provides you with the finest specialty coffee from small scale toasters primarly from Spain. Cappucino lovers can take pleasure in sipping their favorite drink with minorcan milk making the local experience complete. 

    In addition to coffee specialties, La Molienda also serves delicious breakfast, again focusing on the local, organic and seasonal products, such as eggs, bread, yoghurt, cheese, olives etc., all coming from near-by small business.

    So is La Molienda the best coffee in town?

    It comes very close. Quality coffee is being served in a very stylish environment with great focus on small details, and the food is delicious. Overall a great place to start your day in Palma De Mallorca.

    Adress: Carrer del Bisbe Campins 11, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

    Berlin Travel Festival: What not to miss on the program

    Here is to all travelers, explorers, adventurers and curious minds - something special is happening in BERLIN! Don't miss out on a fantastic opportunity to get inspired for your next trip, to mingle with like-minded people or to set your mark on discussions about the future of travel.


    In less than 3 weeks I will be going to Berlin to partake in the first edition of Berlin Travel Festival. :) I am holding myself up against my own New Years resolution to travel more to find new sources of inspiration. So, what could suit better than traveling to Berlin for the Berlin Travel Festival, a new festival which brings together curious travelers, forward-thinking adventurers, explorers, and travel-oriented brands.


    From sustainability to technology, delicious destinations to local adventures, pioneering concepts presented for the first time to award-winning innovations, the Berlin Travel Festival is a place to connect with industry trailblazers, a new tribe of explorers, and a generation of travelers committed to creating a better tomorrow. - Berlin Travel Festival


    The program is completely packed with interesting presentations, DIY workshops, talks and tastings. I have already scrolled through the program endless times, kept myself posted by their newsletter and stalked almost every participating exhibitor to create a sort of bucket list with at least 5 activities/events I don't want to miss while visiting Berlin Travel Festival:


    1. Multicultural Self-Awareness Workshop by Olla Shimbereva

    This workshop introduces you to ways to interpret and view interactions with people different from themselves, which is quiet interesting when traveling, as meeting new people with behavioral patterns different from your own plays a very big role. Yet, often we tend not to interpret and deeply understand this different kind of behavior and also what kind of behavior it may provoke from one self. 


    2. A Matter of Perspective by Frank Uffen and Nadine & Tom Michelberger

    This presentation gives you an insight into two different hotel concepts, which evolved out of the same idea: "The Berlin-based Michelberger Hotel and The Student Hotel are both design destinations, seek to achieve cozy, stimulating environments for guests and locals alike, and go far beyond merely providing visitors a place to lay their heads." 

    Fun fact: I will actually stay at the Michelberger Hotel during my trip, which is why I am particular interested in hearing more about their unique hotel concept.


    3. Forbidden Food by Pepi de Boissieu

    In her presentation Pepi de Boissieu gives you the political history of what we today now as superfoods. She takes us on a journey of how "each food travels from being a ritual objects, a war weapon, a commodity in the global trade, or a natural good in different ecosystems". For a person like me consuming chia and quinoa on a regular basis, I believe this presentation will give me something to think about in terms of the history and background of what is consumed.


    4. Travel as Lifestyle – Rise of the Location Independent by Julianne Becker

    Ever since my internship at Coworkation/Transforma in Barcelona 2 years ago, I have been extremely fascinated by the location independent & digital nomad lifestyle. Therefore, I am excited to learn even more about this lifestyle, and maybe find my own personal answers to finally try to pursue this sort of lifestyle. 


    5. Street Photography by Jörg Nicht

    A talk about travel photography cannot be missing from my bucket list. Taking pictures in new destinations is one of my favorite activities, and I put a lot of planning and thoughts into my photography. It is always interesting to hear from others how they approach new destinations, how they capture moments away and how they edit the pictures afterwards.

      Photo via unsplash

    Photo via unsplash

    So, the above events are my personal top 5, but that being said there is so much more to visit Berlin Travel Festival for. In addition to all the talks, presentations and workshops, there will be tons of opportunities to mingle with like-minded people, talk to interesting travel oriented startups and established brands.

    In addition to above bucket list, here comes some facts around the festival, that might be useful as well:


    Friday, March 9, 10am–6pm
    Berlin Travel Festival Pass Holders & ITB Trade Visitors

    Friday, March 9, 6pm–10pm
    Vanlifers, Dream Makers, and Adventure Collectors
    Saturday, March 10, 10am–10pm
    Escape Seekers, Culture Surfers, Gen Yers, and World Savers
    Sunday, March 11, 10am–7pm
    Mini-Millennials, Culinary Aficionados, and Experience Seekers


     12€ - 38€ depending on the ticket type

    Find more info via 


    Arena Berlin, Eichenstrasse 4, 12435 Berlin


    Instagram:  @berlintravelfestival


    Palo Alto Market

    best creative design & street food market in town.jpg

    When I thought the Danes were the queens and kings of design & street food markets, Barcelona proved me wrong. The city is full of flea markets, street food markets and creative design markets. My favorite one: Palo Alto Market. This special design market is tucked into an old factory terrain covered in green and flowers in the upcoming area Poble Nou. The market takes place on the first weekend of every month. Head over here for delicious street food, hang out areas, live music, creative workshops and cool design booths. I, myself, could spent hours there, looking at the locals wander around and just enjoying life. Expect to queue a while, but it is worth it!  

    My Creativity List for 2018

    the creativity list.png

    New years are all about new resolutions. Like most people I have been thinking about what to improve in 2018. Last year has definitely been challenging, my personal life took a turn off the road, and my professional life is lacking a sense of fullfilment. So basically, I am in a stand point where I need to reinvent my life. For the past years, my new years resolutions have been 'eat healthier', 'exercise more', 'read more book' and so on. Usually by the end of January, I was already back to old habits, tired of myself for not being able to stand the ground. This year shall be different, because this year is about activities and ideas that fuel creativity and inspiration.

    1) SEE ART

    I really enjoy going to museums. It elevates the mood and gives you a new perspective on things. Sadly, I have not been good at making use of Copenhagen's (and the rest of Denmark's) wide selection of cultural offers. 

    • Louisiana (again) - this could be an interesting exhibitions considering our digital age
    • Carlsberg Glyptoteket - super instagrammable don't you think? ;)
    • Arken Museum of Modern Art
    • Tycho Brahe Planetarium's exhibitions 'MADE IN SPACE'
    • Gl. Strand
    • The Museum of National History is showing over 200 portraits of famous people shot by Søren Solkær
    • ARoS in Aarhus

    Unfortunately Ordrupgaard and Copenhagen Contemporary are both closed for 2018, otherwise they would both be high on the list.  



    Attending (networking) events and festivals is fun and challenging. You meet a lot of like-minded people, get inspired by new people, you are kept up with new trends, but you also have to put yourself out there. The travel/creative industry has a lot to offer, and the below "festivas" are those that I would like to cross of my list this year:

    Do you know more? Hit me up.



    A couple of month ago I moved into my new apartment. The place is wonderful, but it needs a little bit of love. Since I have a weakness for design and interior, Pinterest is of course one of my best friends. I have already gathering a lot of inspiration for how to furnish the apartment. Yet, I want to go further than that and start becoming a little more handy. So eventually, I will have a little serious of DIY projects.  

    • Painting the entire apartment (not so much diy - but it has to be done :D)
    • Setting up metro tiles in the kitchen (well, that is going to be interesting) - I found this great tutorial on one of my fav danish blogs.
    • Kitchen make-over - I am absolutely in love with Reform's front pieces for Ikea kitchens.
    • Bathroom make-over - because every girls need a spa-like bathroom ;) 
    • Self-made hanging leather shelves would like very nice in how I imagine my kitchen to look like



    Even though learning new skills seems sort of ambitious in a busy and hectic life, I strongly believe that the intrinsic reward you get out of it is highly valuable. It can be a way to develop yourself, and boost your self-esteem when you discover you are good at something new. Also on a professional basis, it is important to stay curious and keeping the hunger to be better. As there are a thousand skills to learn, I want to focus on the beneath 4, as I believe they can thrive me on different levels.

    • Handlettering - please, can I live off handlettering? :D 
    • Indesign & Photoshop - I know the basics, but for the sake of this blog and because I really like "playing" with these programs, I want to become a pro. Any suggestions on nice courses?
    • Marble Matter - I attended a mini-course during Finders Keepers in December, and I was sold - I need to practice this more and make beautiful posters and textiles like these awesome girls. 
    • Spanish! Oh gosh, how I have wanted to be fluent in Spanish as long as I can remember. I have lived in Spain for 6 months, but already forgot to much. That will change. :)



    One of the main reasons I started a travel blog is because of photography. I used to take so many pictures, especially when traveling, and did not know what to do with all this pictures. But lately, with my first year with a fulltime job, it has become harder to just go out and shoot, as well as just travel. This I want to change! Being out with my camera gives me energy and joy, and the post-process, editing pictures, creating collages and mood boards gives me a sense of fulfillment as well. Therefore, I want to...

    • ... make a list of places in and around Copenhagen, I would like to go for a shoot (you have probably guessed by now that I am a huge fan of lists).
    • Make a list of new destinations I want to travel to in 2018 (already high on my list: Marrakech, Lisbon and Paris)
    • Take my baby canon out for a walk at least once a month and try to capture small moments, even if it is just around my house. 
    • Shoot more analogue with this beautiful thing again. 
    • Experimenting with keeping a physical travel journal, as a contrast to my online universe.


    Creativity is much about the small elements in life, as well as trying new things that inspire you. I hope pursuing the above things will get me inspired and bring some creativity back into my life. 

    What inspires you? How do you bring creativity into your everyday life?

    xx Nikoline 

    Source: New years are all about new resolutions. ...