MUMOK - MUseum MOderner Kunst


During our trip to Vienna, the weather switched from being 17 degrees and sunny, to rather 9 degrees and rainy. So what to do then? We decided to check out some of the museums, that the city has to offer and an old colleague recommended visiting the MuseumsQuartier, an complex of different museums just outside the inner city circle. Our choice fell on MUMOK - Museum of Modern Art. Well, I had since super interesting pictures on Instagram (still one of my favorite travel inspiration tools) of the 'Natural Histories' exhibition and pretty much dragged my family along - and it was worth it. The exhibition dives into the thematic of nature in relation to social processes and historical developments. The exhibition can be seen until the 14th of November, but if you miss it, I am sure MUMOK will show other interesting exhibitions. The café Hansi, for instance, seems to be a permanent installation created by Hans Schabus and serves as a an independent and functional spartial work of art inside the museum. Be aware though that it is only open ones a month. We, unfortunately missed it, and only got a shot from the outside.

Nevertheless, the MuseumsQuartier expands into a lively space of art, restaurants, bars and cafés - especially not to be missed in summer, when the local Viennese hangs out here.

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