The Start of the New Year


While writing this, I am sitting in a train commuting from Copenhagen to Hamburg. Train time has something special to it, don’t you think? 

You just sit there and wait until you arrive, while trying to keep your self busy, listen to music, work on the computer, small talk to your neighbor, or just look out the window. I had so many good intentions on how to use these 5 hours in the train, but mostly I have been staring out the window and simply observed the landscape change slowly. A lot of thoughts have been running through my head. About this year, which is about to end - about life in general, where I am, where I want to be. 

2017 has been an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes, it surprises me how quickly life can change. One day, you have all this plans and dreams, and the next day the path you thought you were walking takes a drastical turn, leaving you lost and confused. It seems almost obscure to leave this year behind, feeling as if you weren’t done with it. Still have stuff to figure out. Not ready to move on. But maybe, just maybe, feeling the pressure of “a new year, a new beginning” can be a good thing. It does force you to look inside, and find the things you want to improve. Whether it is simply being more sporty, eat healthy, spend more quality time with your friends, or working more deeply on yourself, on getting emotional stronger or persue personal and professional change. 

2018 will be the year the year, where I want to focus on creativity. Creativity In all its essence. As a way to refresh. Dig into inspiring aspects of life and surround myself with people that inspire me. The goal is to try to convert the struggles from 2017 into creative outputs in 2018. Not as a way to keep busy, but simply to try to turn the negative into something positive. This past year, I must admit it felt like I failed in different aspects. Life didn’t go as planned. Now, it is time to refresh, fuel my creative imagination and drive to create by going new places, trying new things and move beyond my personal notion of own capabilities and challenge them.

I made a list of activities in/and around Copenhagen, some diy projects I want to do, added some creative skills I want to try to master and listed some new places I want go during the next year. 

I wish you all a Happy New Year, and hope that the new year will bring you the fresh start you need, or that life continues being awesome.

Best, Nikoline