Berlin Travel Festival: What not to miss on the program

Here is to all travelers, explorers, adventurers and curious minds - something special is happening in BERLIN! Don't miss out on a fantastic opportunity to get inspired for your next trip, to mingle with like-minded people or to set your mark on discussions about the future of travel.


In less than 3 weeks I will be going to Berlin to partake in the first edition of Berlin Travel Festival. :) I am holding myself up against my own New Years resolution to travel more to find new sources of inspiration. So, what could suit better than traveling to Berlin for the Berlin Travel Festival, a new festival which brings together curious travelers, forward-thinking adventurers, explorers, and travel-oriented brands.


From sustainability to technology, delicious destinations to local adventures, pioneering concepts presented for the first time to award-winning innovations, the Berlin Travel Festival is a place to connect with industry trailblazers, a new tribe of explorers, and a generation of travelers committed to creating a better tomorrow. - Berlin Travel Festival


The program is completely packed with interesting presentations, DIY workshops, talks and tastings. I have already scrolled through the program endless times, kept myself posted by their newsletter and stalked almost every participating exhibitor to create a sort of bucket list with at least 5 activities/events I don't want to miss while visiting Berlin Travel Festival:


1. Multicultural Self-Awareness Workshop by Olla Shimbereva

This workshop introduces you to ways to interpret and view interactions with people different from themselves, which is quiet interesting when traveling, as meeting new people with behavioral patterns different from your own plays a very big role. Yet, often we tend not to interpret and deeply understand this different kind of behavior and also what kind of behavior it may provoke from one self. 


2. A Matter of Perspective by Frank Uffen and Nadine & Tom Michelberger

This presentation gives you an insight into two different hotel concepts, which evolved out of the same idea: "The Berlin-based Michelberger Hotel and The Student Hotel are both design destinations, seek to achieve cozy, stimulating environments for guests and locals alike, and go far beyond merely providing visitors a place to lay their heads." 

Fun fact: I will actually stay at the Michelberger Hotel during my trip, which is why I am particular interested in hearing more about their unique hotel concept.


3. Forbidden Food by Pepi de Boissieu

In her presentation Pepi de Boissieu gives you the political history of what we today now as superfoods. She takes us on a journey of how "each food travels from being a ritual objects, a war weapon, a commodity in the global trade, or a natural good in different ecosystems". For a person like me consuming chia and quinoa on a regular basis, I believe this presentation will give me something to think about in terms of the history and background of what is consumed.


4. Travel as Lifestyle – Rise of the Location Independent by Julianne Becker

Ever since my internship at Coworkation/Transforma in Barcelona 2 years ago, I have been extremely fascinated by the location independent & digital nomad lifestyle. Therefore, I am excited to learn even more about this lifestyle, and maybe find my own personal answers to finally try to pursue this sort of lifestyle. 


5. Street Photography by Jörg Nicht

A talk about travel photography cannot be missing from my bucket list. Taking pictures in new destinations is one of my favorite activities, and I put a lot of planning and thoughts into my photography. It is always interesting to hear from others how they approach new destinations, how they capture moments away and how they edit the pictures afterwards.

Photo via unsplash

Photo via unsplash

So, the above events are my personal top 5, but that being said there is so much more to visit Berlin Travel Festival for. In addition to all the talks, presentations and workshops, there will be tons of opportunities to mingle with like-minded people, talk to interesting travel oriented startups and established brands.

In addition to above bucket list, here comes some facts around the festival, that might be useful as well:


Friday, March 9, 10am–6pm
Berlin Travel Festival Pass Holders & ITB Trade Visitors

Friday, March 9, 6pm–10pm
Vanlifers, Dream Makers, and Adventure Collectors
Saturday, March 10, 10am–10pm
Escape Seekers, Culture Surfers, Gen Yers, and World Savers
Sunday, March 11, 10am–7pm
Mini-Millennials, Culinary Aficionados, and Experience Seekers


 12€ - 38€ depending on the ticket type

Find more info via 


Arena Berlin, Eichenstrasse 4, 12435 Berlin


Instagram:  @berlintravelfestival