La Molienda - Best coffee in town?

As always, my mission has been to find the best coffee place. With the café con leche - mentality Palma De Mallorca is definitely not lacking on coffee spots. One of my favorites became the rather "off-the-beaten-track" café La Molienda. Located not far from the city center, you still have to walk down some unknown streets to get there. Once you are here, you can't help it but settle down with a coffee and a news paper. 

La Molienda provides you with the finest specialty coffee from small scale toasters primarly from Spain. Cappucino lovers can take pleasure in sipping their favorite drink with minorcan milk making the local experience complete. 

In addition to coffee specialties, La Molienda also serves delicious breakfast, again focusing on the local, organic and seasonal products, such as eggs, bread, yoghurt, cheese, olives etc., all coming from near-by small business.

So is La Molienda the best coffee in town?

It comes very close. Quality coffee is being served in a very stylish environment with great focus on small details, and the food is delicious. Overall a great place to start your day in Palma De Mallorca.

Adress: Carrer del Bisbe Campins 11, Palma de Mallorca, Spain