ARKEN - Museum for Modern Art


Since my entire family went on a ski vacation over Easter, I had to come up with my own plans for the holidays. Luckily, I still have plenty of things on my Copenhagen bucket list, so it was basically closing my eyes and pointing the finger at the list. However, there were a few things that were extremely high on the wish list: visiting museums! So therefore my Easter became all about experiencing the cultural aspects of Copenhagen. On friday, I finally got to take a trip Arken the Museum for Modern Art, which has also been high on my "creativity list". The weather was beyond amazing, clear sky, only a slight breeze and for the first time it was possible to feel Spring in the air. Perfect day!


Arken is located in Ishøj and very easy accessible by public transport. From Ishøj station it is roughly a 15 minutes walk to the museum guided by signs. You can also take the bus (if you are lazy or well if it rains). Furthermore, Arken is located by the sea, so when you are done being cultural, you can also go for a nice walk by the beach.


Besides hosting some really interesting exhibitions, Arken is a true dream for every photographer. I actually enjoyed photographing the space and the surroundings the most, even though I must say that I was very fond of Ugo Rondinone’s dreamscape of 45 lifelike clowns, portraying a single person's day in 45 acts. I don't know there was just something about the play with melancholy, and how he though of capturing how we, humans, actually put on this clown-like role. We are suppose to act happy and cheerful all the time, but then again there will always be those stages of silent moments in between the acts where we need to "rest" and just "be" before putting on the next show. 

be. breathe. sleep. dream. wake. rise. sit. hear. look. think. stand. walk. pee. shower. dress. drink. fart. shit. read. laugh. cook. smell. taste. eat. clean. write. daydream. remember. cry. nap. touch. feel. moan. .jpg

The other exhibition that really caught my interest was Alphonse Mucha’s sensuous and seductive images of plants, women and ornaments, which amongst others were used as posters and in advertisement, while making a huge impression on on the city of Paris around 1900. His style is highly recognizable, his mission somehow very noble:

...the power of beauty should be spread out into every corner of the city, every cell of every human being. A kind of beauty therapy for city dwellers. - ARKEN

I got myself a little postcard souvenir, which I framed already, As soon as I have found a good spot in my home, I will show it to you. ;)


After visiting the exhibitions and almost running out of battery on our cameras, we went for quick detour to the beach, before settling down and enjoying the afternoon sun with a glass of wine at the closely located café Ka'nalu.


You can read more about Arken and the current exhibitions here, and I hope the pictures triggered a desire to visit this very beautiful art museum. For me, I can only say that it was pleasure and one of my best day trips around Copenhagen so far. 

Pictures were taken with Canon 760D + 24mm lens by me & with Fuji x-t20 by Toke