Breakfast-Goals: Hyggestund


The other day was the second time I came to visit and enjoy breakfast at Hyggestund, Mikkeller's contribution to the hygge-hype around the morning meal. Except they serve breakfast all all day.

The menu is anything but boring. I would though recommend not to be on a diet, as you will find a lot of heavy, delicious food laughing at your face. We tried to diversify our picks and chose the waffle breakfast, which also includes eggs and bacon, the chia porridge with fruit (I guess we needed that for our consciousness) and 2 kind of donuts, which were so special I can honestly not tell you what was in it, one of them had something to do with beer. The winner was the pancake with sirup - an american classic! What you will not find on the menu, are lots of fancy coffee lattes. They serve filter coffee - period -  for 40 kr, which first made me choke, but then I learned it includes free refill, and since I can drink 3-4 cups I guess the price is legitimate. :) 

Hyggestund is located in one these charming Vesterbro building you would die to live in, and on good days you can also sit outside on beer benches. But on cold cloudy days Hyggestund invites you to sit inside in a cosy, yet simple atmosphere with a clear color fable, which also makes it a treat if you are into "instagrammable" places. 


    3 reasons to go to Hyggestund:

    1. If you are not on a diet ;)
    2. In fact if you are having a complete hangover and just need some greasy fried chicken and donuts to get over it again, this is the perfect spot
    3. If you love a cosy atmosphere, want to experience "hygge" and just want to hang out with friends all day eating breakfast (refill on filter coffee all day)