Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

One of my very best friends and I have not lived in the same city since we graduated from University in Hamburg in 2013. Back then, we already enjoyed traveling together and it was our semester abroad in Shanghai that finally made us really close. With time, we have of course tried to keep in touch and have been visiting each other in the cities we were located in at that time until we were both so settled in our respective homes, that we are now making a tradition out of seeing each other once a year in a “new” city.

I sincerely love this tradition and believe it is a great way to see each other and at the same time experiencing something memorable together.

So end of May, we will reunite in STOCKHOLM! And yes, believe it or not, this is actually my first time (well, besides from a trip when I was 11, which I cannot really remember), which is incredible actually considering how close it is and how easy it is to fly there.

Anyway, we will be staying in Södermalm and we have an entire weekend to experience the Swedish Capital.

Hit me with your best tips! Where do we get the best cinnamon buns? Where do swedes hang out? Where do you get the best view over the city? Anything else we NEED to experience?

xx Nikoline