Playground Coffee


Hamburg is historically speaking a coffee city. The famous Speicherstadt was used for storing goods, such as spices, tea, cacao... and well of course, coffee! No wonder, that the coffee "geist" has spread to the rest of the city and cool coffee places has popped up in nearly every neighborhood.

One of these places is Playground Coffee with 3 stores and a whole sale beyond. They belong to the so called Third Wave of coffee movement, where coffee comes an artisanal foodthing and focus is on good quality, rather than just a commodity - something to be enjoyed fully, like wine. ;)

During my last trip to Hamburg, I had Playground Coffee right around the hotel, and so the place became my caffeine pusher for 3 days. The name "playground" has been thoughtful incorporated into different aspects of the business, from the coffee packaging with playful names drawn, all the way to the playful decor found in the various coffee places.

And what can I say about the coffee? Simply delicious and made with a great touch of love.


The Boilermann Bar


The Boilermann Bar belongs to 25Hours and was opened together with the Neni restaurant in their hotel in Hafencity. Unfortunately, due to a fire, the bar had to close down again and find a new temporary location. The location as you see it in the pictures does not exist anymore, which is a shame, as I loved the rough, rather cool atmosphere of the bar. 

The Boilermann Bar only serves straightforward highball drinks, and I must admit that I was surprised how delicious these rather simple cocktails are. The drinks come in a high glass, with a huge round ice cube - can someone tell me how to make these ice cubes? :)

Today, the old bar has been restored, and Boilermann Bar moved back again. Well, a reason to swing by Hamburg again and try out the old, new Boilermann Bar. :)