Coming back to Hamburg always feels like home. As some of you may know I spend 5 1/2 years living in Hamburg also known as “Meine Perle” (“My Pearl”). Since I moved away, I try to come back 2-3 times a year to visit friends and freshen up my knowledge of the city. For this exact purpose I also try to find a hotel in a new neighborhood every time I return. This time I stayed in Neustadt, at the newly opened Ruby Lotti to be exact, which is located pretty much in the city center, but in a part that is quite overlooked as the area lays in the shadow of the area around Binnen Alster with its famous “Jungfernstieg and Neuer Wall”.



I stayed in Ruby Sofie in Vienna, so walking into Ruby Lotti gave me an instant sense of homeliness. With the same attention to detail, Ruby Lotti also really lives up to the promise of lean luxury, which they have defined as “laid-back comfort instead of formalities. Inspiring people instead of pretty facades. Character and soul instead of polished surfaces. No expensive prestige addresses, but where the authentic heart of the city beats”. All those buzz words makes you want to experience it, right?


An open glass rain shower, vintage furniture, an oversized bed, a Marshall Bluetooth speaker and lots of space are just some of the few things Ruby Lotti gives you to make it an unforgettable hotel experience. We stayed in a ‘Lovely Room’, which is really nice and spacious with its 20 sqm, and absolutely invites you to relax after waling around for hours sightseeing.

Tip: Most of the hotel rooms are located towards the canal, therefore when booking your next stay at Ruby Lotti make sure to ask for room with a view of the canal. ;)



What charactarizes all Ruby Hotels is the integrated self-checkin service at the bar making the whole checkin process less formal. Also you do not have to wait in line for checkout together with 10 other guests, you simply throw the room key in a box and wink goodbye to the people behind the bar. A lot of love and detail has been put into the whole bar area. The dark blue mixed with golden colors, the playful decoration, the relaxed atmosphere, the people, the reading room, the ecological breakfast - everything plays very well together.

Tip: Do not forget to get your pre-drink with a view over the canal!



The location is great, just a few walking-minutes away from the city center with “Neuer Wall” and the “Rathaus”, close to the subway station taking you to Karo-Viertel within a short time. However, until now this particular spot in the city center has not really been the spot to be, neither for tourists nor for locals. Is this starting to change? At least from my perspective, I see improvements to the neighborhood. Coffee & Lunch spots such as PAN Cafe & Bar, Public Coffee Roasters and HejPapa have been popping up, and on our walk through the neighborhood we did find some unique corners with stunning streets and buildings, as well as a hidden courtyard filled with street art and strange objects. The newest addition to this neighborhood is of course Ruby Lotti Hotel & Bar, which absolutely also caters to locals, who can stop by for one of the many music events or just a cocktail overlooking the beautiful canal.


Thank you, Ruby Lotti, for having me.