Here is to beautiful landscapes, amazing food and genuine people - A destination that gets under your skin in a very short time: The Faroe Islands!

It was June 2016, we were all packed and settled ready for 5 days of pure adventure. A short flight (yes, 2 and a half hours counts as short) later we arrived on the Faroe Islands. The landing itself was one heck of adventure - never have I ever been so glued to the airplane window trying to capture the sense of beautiful country I was about to explore.

After landing, we picked up our rental car. "The green frog" we ended up calling the rather simple car, and started driving towards Tórshavn, Faroe Islands 18000 inhabitant capital and the probably smallest metropolitan city in the world.

While commuting through the landscape, I still could not believe I was actually in the Faroe Islands - I was overwhelmed by the wild sound of wind rushing over the mountains, the vastness of the country, the sheep calmly crossing the roads and all I wanted to do was breath deep in and out, trying to realize this was really happening. 

Here is what I managed to see and explore in 5 days:

1. Torshavn + Rafting 

Even before checking into our hotel, we had planned a small detour to the tiny harbour of ...  from which you can take rafting tour cruising along the shore at the highest speed. The tour also takes you into caves, if the water level allows it. 

2. Mykines

3. Village hopping: Gjovl

4. Slætterendendur