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Each year, my family and I try to visit at least one new city together. This time the choice fell on Vienna. Well, actually It was my second time visiting Vienna, therefor it became my job to find a hotel for us that combines comfort, closeness to the city, but still has "soul", and not just a bed to sleep in. Browsing through the world wide internet I kept stumling across the Ruby Hotels. The rooms looked bright and stylish, the price was certainly decent and the location of the Ruby Sofie looked good. Easy choice - Ruby Sofie it was:



The Ruby Sofie is located in the heart of Vienna between the inner circle and the Hundertwasser epi center. The neighborhood emanates a creative, artictic, yet local, cosy vibe. You find the ecological farm/bakery store, the coworking space, the traditional "Bierstube", the cool paper shop, the cocktail bar and much more. Ruby Sofie itselp is located inside Sofiensäle, a historic building that opened as a bathhouse all the way back in 1838. Because of the outstanding sound, the building also evolves into a concert house, and many famous musicians and artists have filled the halls with their music. Unfortunately, the historic building was tremendously destroyed by a fire in 2001, and then left empty for 10 years. In 2013, Ruby Sofie transformed pieces of the building into a hotel, while event bureaus moved in on some of the other floors and starting using the big hall as an event venue.

With this very special history in mind, Ruby Sofie has managed to create an interested hotel concept, combining "lean luxury", musical elements, vintage furnishing and a laid-back attitude. 


lean luxury means laid-back comfort instead of formalities. Inspiring people instead of pretty facades. Character and soul instead of polished surfaces. No expensive prestige addresses, but where the authentic heart of the city beats. - Ruby Sofie










When entering Ruby Sofie's room your eye meets a clean and bright room. Also, I instantly noticed the spaciousness. Often you do not even know where to put your suitcase, but here this can never become an issue. Being on the top floor, we had an amazing view down on the streets, and I really felt the bustling Viennese life around me. 

The rooms have so many fine details drawing lines to the buildings musical background. When you enter the room, music is coming out of an Ipad, the big Marschall speaker gives you the chance to bring out your inner rockstar, all the magazines keeps you informed about the city's coolest concerts and events, and the bathroom mirror makes you feel like a musical star waiting in her dressing room for her big performance. :)

Oh, and did I mentioned how spacious the room is? ;)



At Ruby Sofie guests check-in at the reception via Ipads. Staff is around to assist, but it is not a typical reception. It is also in the bar area that breakfast is consumed in the morning, and during the day and evening they serve wine/beer and drinks. You can tell that this is actually not a typical hotel reception. Local people drop by for an afternoon drink or friends of the staff hang out. This laid back attitude is contagious. After each day we ended up relaxing and sipping drinks at the hotel before going to bed. 

The breakfast had all it needed: fresh bread, juices, cheese, boiled eggs, fruit, yoghurt and much more. Nothing fancy, but very delicious and the most importantly free coffee en-masse. And not just the filter coffee, but the nice cafe lattes and cappuccinos. Only for that Ruby Sofie scored high on my personal darling-list. 



  • Spacious, minimalistic rooms

  • Closeness to tourist attractions

  • Huge Marshall speaker

  • Super nice staff


Marxergasse 17, 1030 Vienna

10 min walk from U3/U4/Airport Express

Around 80-120 euro per/night